Getting your NetroMedia stream listed on TuneIn

June 25, 2014 0

Getting listed on TuneIn

Getting your NetroMedia stream listed on TuneIn

NetroMedia provides 3 protocols to access your stream when you have mobile enabled, we provide RTMP, RTSP and HTTP HLS stream access; TuneIn supports all 3 protocols and you should add all 3 links when listing your stream for maximum support. (Simply press “Add another stream” to add all 3)

You can add your station at the following URL:

If you are unsure as to what your stream links are, you can obtain them by logging in at and clicking “My services”, select the channel you wish to list and you will find your first link, it is listed as the Live Flash Example link, it will look similar to this: rtmp://, you will also need to prefix your “Stream” to this link making it rtmp://

Your other links can be obtained by clicking on the “Public Link” which will open the NetroPlayer, you can simply press “Show Embed code” to show the links, they can be found directly below the player and look like this:

If you are unsure please create a support case here asking for a list of all available links to access your channel along with the channel you need the information for if you have more than one channel.