Flash stream does not load/Error 303: Unable to load a resource

January 7, 2013 0
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Flash content does not appear, the NetroMedia player is blank and displays error “303: Unable to load a resource: Unable to load resources: Error #2035”.


Basically this means that the publishing point name has 3 or less characters. The channel or publishing point name should contain more than 4 characters. You should rename your channel or publishing point name.

Here’s how:

1.    Go to Service, My Active Services on your NetroPortal (https://login.netromedia.com).

2.    Click on the publishing point or channel that’s giving you the error.

3.    Click on the “Configure Service”button located at the top.

4.    Proceed to change the name on the “Publishing Point Name”field.

5.    Remove the “List Publicly”check mark

6.    Click on save.

7.    Click on the “Configure Service”button one more time.

8.    Put the check mark back on the  “List Publicly”.

9.    Proceed to Save.