Wowza Media Internal Relays

December 14, 2011 0

Wowza Media Server Internal Relay

The problem:

  • You run an network, you have a lot of bandwidth
  • You stream to an Off-Site audience already
  • You want to get your Video or Audio streams to your On-Site audience
  • You want statistical data
  • You want real time stats

NetroMedia Solution:

  • NetroMedia can set up Wowza Media Server on your LAN
  • NetroMedia can install a log processer on your server
  • This provides "local" statistics & NetroMedia delivered content statistics
  • DNS entries can have a single link for people to connect to your streams, if they’re on your LAN, that’s where they connect to your stream – if they’re off-site – NetroMedia delivers.


Optional requirements:

  • Single Streaming Link for Internal & External Users
    • Required: Internal DNS Server (named, Windows DNS, + others)