Loading a Server Side Play List in the StreamingPortal

February 2, 2009 3

Creating a Playlist

This is covered in another Knowledge Base Article – “Server Side Playlist Creation”
Note – You must have a Live and On-Demand Windows Media Service configured to use Server Playlists, or Pre Roll Playlists.

Section 1 – Storing your playlist

1 – Click on Active Services in the Portal Menu.
2 – Select your Windows Media On Demand Service
3 – Click the FTP quick link to connect to your Storage.
4 – Upload your created *.asx or *.wsx file to your Storage

Section 2 – Activating your Server Side Playlist

1 – Click on Active Services in the Portal Menu.
2 – Click on your Windows Media Live Service
3 – Click the “Configure” button
4 – Set the Stream Type to “Pull”
5 – Enter the location of your stored playlist. (Which is your Publishing Point link followed by your playlist name)
e.g. http://139.obj.netromedia.net/netropp/playlist.wsx

If you wish to update your playlist, you must follow Section 2 again, but save your playlist with a different file name.