How to: Configure a CNAME using DigitalOcean DNS Control

December 30, 2014 4

Configuring a CNAME using DigitalOcean DNS Control

To add a cname log into your DigitalOcean control panel here

Once logged in select “DNS” on the lower left of the screen

On the domain you wish to create a CNAME alias with, select the small blue magnifying glass to the right of the domain.

Select “Add a record” from the top followed by “CNAME” as the Record Type.

In the first box, enter the alias you would like such as “subdomain” this will create – in the second field field enter the NetroMedia host you would like to mask, for example

Press “Create” and this is now complete.  This usually takes 1hour to 24hours to propogate through DNS servers.

Screenshots of the procedure can be found below: