Soundcard Input: Line-In vs Microphone

January 18, 2010 0

What is the difference between Line-In and Microphone inputs?


When using an external Audio Source for your stream, like an Audio Mixer, or Microphone, it is important to use the correct input on your PC.

A basic soundcard will usually have 3 inputs;

  • Green – Audio Out – this is where your speakers are plugged in
  • Pink – Mic In – this is where you plug in an un-amplified audio signal – like a microphone
  • Blue – Line In – this is where you plug in an amplified audio signal – like an audio mixer

Your soundcard’s inputs will look something similar to this;



When configuring your Encoder, be sure to select the correct Input

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users – first;make sure your "Stereo Mix" is enabled, as per this FAQ – Enabling Stereo Mix

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