RealMedia-RealPlayer to Microsoft Media Encoder. How to convert files.

March 12, 2015 3
Files that are in RealMedia *.rm format can not be directly converted to a Windows Media Player based *.wma file. However, if the RealMedia files were converted using the RealProducer (Plus) or (Pro) codec system then the source files had to be generated from RealJukebox mp3 files or from RealJukebox wav files. Furthermore, if the muli-bit rate Surestream process was applied, then the files can only be encoded in the mp3 format. When these files were converted to *.rm through the batch utility, did the client save the original wav and/or mp3 files on their hard drive? If yes, then they can utilize the mp3 or wav files to convert to the *.wma Microsoft media platform. Windows Media 10 can encode mp3 and wav formats to *.wma files with no problems. Furthermore, there is a batch utility script editor that can perform this function for all of the clients files in one simple process! The secondary value proposition to the Windows Media platform is that the entire program is open source and free of charge to the consumer. RealMedia’s RealProducer (Plus) or (Pro) is proprietary and must be purchased.