No-IP Set-up (Walk-through)

March 1, 2006 2

Having a static IP is very helpful when doing streaming. The reason for this is our servers are set to pull the stream from your encoding machine and in order to do that it requires a static address so that it always knows where your machine is. If you currently have a static IP then you have nothing to worry about unless for some reason your IP changes.

When we setup your Publishing Point we use your external IP address and the port you are using so we can set them as the source of your stream. As stated before, if you have a static IP this will never change but if you are using a dynamic address that changes often you will need to find a way to get a constant address. The next paragraph will go through the setup we use to get people a static address without the use of a static IP.

No static IP? No problem: the link provided below will lead you to a site that offers a free static addressing service.

Once you get to this site you will need to create an account as you do with any service on the net. You will be asked to fill in a form which will ask you for the standard things like your name, email address, company name and password. Once you have filled this form out, it will send you an email and in that email there is a link. Click this link to activate your account. You now have an active account with

Now that you have your account you can sign in and get things started. Use your email address and password to gain access to the administration page. Once logged in you will see a bunch of tabs on the left hand side of the page. The tab you are looking for is the Hosts/Redirects tab. In this tab you will see a sub section where you can add a new host name the tab plainly labeled “Add”. Once you select this tab, it will take you to a page and in this page you will see many different things. The only portion of this page that you need to worry about is the “hostname” section. In the hostname section you will put a name that is easy for you to remember – something like the name of your company. As soon as you enter the name in the box you can go to the bottom of the page and click the "create host" button. After the "create host" button is clicked it will take you to another page that tells you the host has been added if it worked correctly. That is all that is needed for setup.

Write down the hostname that you entered so that you can give it to use to use as a pointer for our server to know where to find your machine. The address you will be suppling us will look like this…  The address you send us will have the actual name you used. The link above is simply an example.

The final step you will need to do involves downloading the automatic update tool. What this tool does is it starts up when the machine is started and it runs in the background and constantly checks for any IP change and it will go to the no-IP site and automatically update your IP for you.

When you finish setting up your hostname, look to the top of the page. Here you will see 5 tabs. The tab we need is the downloads tab. Select the downloads tab and it will forward you to another page which will have 3 logos on it  one for windows, one for MAC and one for linux. The logo you will want to click is the windows logo. Clicking this logo will forward you to a downloads page. On this page, you will need to click the logo. Clicking this logo forwards you to yet another page. On this page you need to select the "download now" link. You will need to download and run the tool so that it is installed to your encoding machine.

The last step you will need to take is opening the update tool and logging into it using the email address and password you chose while doing the initial setup. Once logged into the tool, click options, then select run at startup then close the options and click the box beside the happy face. Wait for the tool to finish running and if it shows a happy face then you are done  that’s all that is needed. *Keep an eye on the update tool if you find that it does not open on startup (shows up as a circle with a slash through it) then you will need to open the tool manually from the programs menu. If you find that your stream stops for no reason and you are using no-IP then the typical cause of this is that the IP is not up to date and no-IP doesn’t know where to find your computer.*