How to: Stream using an IP Camera

March 28, 2013 0
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Live Streaming using an IP Camera



  • Camera must support H.264 Video codecs, (Baseline codecs recommended for mobile)
  • Camera must support AAC audio codecs (If Audio is needed)
  • Port 554 UDP &TCP must be forwarded to your camera via your router. (default rtsp port)


Example camera links:

Axis: rtsp://[camera-ip-address]:554/axis-media/media.amp
Pansonic: rtsp://ip_adx/MediaInput/h264
Sony: rtsp://ip_adx/media/video1
Vivotek: rtsp://ip address of camera/live.sdp


If the camera requires a username/password it is formatted like so:
rtsp://[login:password@][camera domain name or IP address]/media/video1


Getting Started:

To get started streaming with your IP camera please

  1. call us at 1-888-818-3846 ext.1 to speak with one of our team about setting up an account,
  2. if you already have an account please create a case by logging into our portal system here
  3. alternatively call your account manager
  4. or email us at with your IP Camera make/model and the cameras external IP address.