How to: Stream your TV station (Flash)

January 20, 2011 0


Streaming your TV station online using Flash is a very simple procedure, all you need is computer with a video capture card and a broadband internet connection; we recommend that your upload capacity be at least 1.5x your desired bitrate.

Step 1 – Download and install Adobe Flash Media Encoder:

Step 2 – Connect your Video and Audio input to your video capture card, an example is displayed below of an Osprey 230 Video Capture Card.  


Step 3 – Open Adobe Flash Media Encoder and configure it to use your capture cards video and audio inputs.  In the example below we are using an Osprey 230 Video Capture Card; we have selected "Osprey-230 Video Device 1" and "Unbalanced 1 (Osprey -2X0)"

Step 4 – Enter your FMS URL and Stream ID found on your live service page here.

Step 5 – Once you have selected your bitrates and entered your FMS URL and Stream ID simply press start  and you will begin to send live broadcast to us, embed code can be found on your live service page here; simply select your live service and click "Public Link" to generate your HTML code.