How to: Create a case

January 1, 2009 2

How to: Create a case



The purpose of this article is to explain the procedure to successfully create a case.

Step 1 – Proceed to login to our NetroPortal: NetroPortal


Step 2 – Once logged in, go to Support and select Add Case.


Step 3 – Proceed to fill in the required information.


  • Please make sure to be as detailed as you can regarding whatever issue you are requiring support for.
  • Please try where possible and if relevant to include details regarding:
    • format
    • bitrate
    • live or on-demand
    • publishing point name (Channel)
    • error messages
    • encoder
    • trouble times etc


Step 4 – Click on the save button.

Step 5 –You can always add additional comments to your case.


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