How to: Use pre-recorded content with live streams. (Expression Encoder)

January 21, 2011 0

How to use pre-recorded content stored on your hard drive during live broadcasts using Microsoft Expression Encoder.

Using pre-recorded content for your live broadcasts is a simply procedure, all that is required is a Live Windows Media streaming service which you can add to your account here and Microsoft Expression Encoder which can be downloaded from here.

Step 1 – Open Microsoft Expression Encoder and select a "Live Broadcasting Project"


Step 2 – Add your pre-recorded files.

Step 3 – Add additional sources (Optional)

Click the plus highlighted in red to add additional pre-recorded videos.


Step 4 – Set your output to "Streaming" and enter your "Publishing point location", be sure to "Cue" your desired video and press "Start"

Queue your desired video and press start.


For further information on configuring Microsoft Expression Encoder see the following FAQ:
How to: Configure Microsoft Expression Encoder