Streaming internally on LAN and external over public internet

December 14, 2011 0


Often clients need to stream both internally over LAN or similar larger private area network (like those found on Education or Governement campuses) and externally over the public internet.  Often the audience for this stream is the same people moving in and out of the different network areas.  

The need then is to connect the disparate internal and external audiences and networks.  

NetroMedia has a solution to accomodate clients wanting to stream in this combined manner.  

The Situation:

  • You run an network, you have a lot of bandwidth
  • You stream to an Off-Site audience already
  • You want to get your Video or Audio streams to your On-Site audience
  • You want statistical data
  • You want real time stats

The problem:

  •  Limited incoming connectivity to the LAN from external sources
  • Outside of the throughput challenge – external delivery from the internal network can be cost-prohibitive.

NetroMedia Solution:

The ideal solultion in this situation is to connect a CDN to handle the external audience bandwidth and the internal network of the client.

  • NetroMedia can set up a media Server on your LAN
  • NetroMedia can install a log processor on your server
    • This provides "local" statistics & NetroMedia delivered content statistics
  • DNS entries can have a single link for people to connect to your streams, if they’re on your LAN, that’s where they connect to your stream – if they’re off-site – NetroMedia delivers.


Optional requirements:

  • Single Streaming Link for Internal & External Users
    • Required: Internal DNS Server (named, Windows DNS, + others)