Time zone setting for reports.

November 10, 2008 1
In order to adjust the time zone on the reports to match your time zone you must be logged into NetroPortal and you need to edit your User account details. You can edit your user accounts in NetroPortal by 1. Clicking on the “View Account Users” link, 2. Then by selecting the user who’s time zone you wish to adjust. 3. Then click the Edit icon. 4. Then select the time zone which the user resides. 5. Then click the “Save” button. *The next time the user logs in his time zone settings will be reflected in the reports. If you are adjusting your own user account, you need to logout by clicking the “logout” button at the bottom left of the page, then log back in again. *NetroMedia Invoices based on UTC/GMT, your reports may not be identical to the NetroMedia invoices if your time zone is set to something other than GMT.