Creating content in QuickTime Pro for Mobile Delivery

April 29, 2009 0

How to create content in QuickTime Pro for Mobile Delivery

You must use an uncompressed AVI file as a source.

  1. Open your AVI file in QT Pro.
  2. In the Menu go to Window > Show Movie Properties.
  3. Click the Presentation tab, and select "Automatically Play movie when opened".
  4. Close the Properties Window.
  5. In the Menu go to File > Save and save the file. (It will be saved as an MOV.)
  6. Once the file has been saved, go to File > Export.
  7. In the Export box, select "Movie to 3G".
  8. Click the "Options…" button.
  9. File Format Drop Down – select "3GPP".
  10. Under the File Format drop down, there is another drop down menu where you set your Video, Audio and Streaming options.
  11. Video format should be h264.
  12. Audio format should be AAC-LC.
  13. Set Frame size and bitrate.
  14. In the drop-down box, select "Streaming".
  15. Select "Enable Streaming".
  16. Close the Export Settings window.
  17. Name the file and save it. This will produce a 3GP file suitable for mobile streaming.