Supported streaming protocols and Encoders

July 24, 2012 0
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Supported Streaming Protocols and Encoders


NetroMedia supports a large number of streaming methods and protocols which can be found below.

Default (Does not require additional setup):
RTMP (Port 1935)
Compatible codecs: VP6, H.264, MP3, AAC 
Example encoders: Adobe Flash Media Encoder, Wirecast, xsplit, more


Additional/Requires custom setup:
RTSP (Port 554)
Compatible codecs: H.264, MP3, AAC
Example encoders:  Wirecast, QuickTime Broadcaster


RTP over UDP
Compatible codecs: H.264, MP3, AAC 
Example encoders:  AVN420, VLC


IP Camera re-stream to Flash (RTSP).
Compatible codecs: H.264, MP3, AAC
Example Cameras: Axis models that natively support H.264: M1011(-W), M1031-W, P3301(-V), Q1755, Q6032. (This is not a complete list.)
SONY snc-ch/dh/rh network cameras work well. You have to set H.264 video codec for the first camera stream:  Tested with: snc-ch110, dh110, ch210, dh210, ch120,dh120, ch140, dh140, ch160, dh160, ch180, dh180, ch220, dh220, ch240, dh240, ch260, dh260, ch280, dh280, rh124, rh164


Shoutcast re-stream to Flash.
Compatible codecs: MP3, AAC


Viewcast GoStream, Viewcast Niagara 2200, Viewcast Niagara 4100, Viewcast Niagara 9100, Viewcast GoStream Surf, Digital Rapids Streamz encoders, Digital Rapids TouchStream (Web model), Haivision Kulabyte, Ncast Telepresenter M4 (uses RTP).  We would recommend speaking directly with the hardware manufacturer prior to purchase to ensure the most recent models support H.264 Video encoding and AAC audio encoding if mobile is required.

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Xsplit, Xsplit Gamecaster, Wirecast, Vidblaster, Open Broadcaster.  Any encoder supprting H.264 with AAC over RTMP should be compatible with your NetroMedia Flash streaming service, if in doubt please create a case with as much information about your encoder as possible and NetroMedia will confirm compatiblity.

If you are interested in an encoder that is not listed here, please create a case and provide us with the name and if possible documentation for your encoder and NetroMedia can confirm stream compatiblity.


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