About Dashboard Counters/Reports

March 12, 2015 6
About Combined Log and Counter Data on Dashboard These NetroMedia statistics are provided using both real time counter data and archived data. Because of this, there are special circumstances where 100% accuracy in your dashboard data may not occur, and it is for this reason that we are giving you an approximate value. The combination of these two different types of data is the statistics that can cause the inaccuracy. You may from time to time see the numbers denoted with an asterisk make unexpected moves either up or down. This is normal and to be expected. For truly accurate data it is important to understand that we cannot properly archive your users’ connections until they disconnect or hang up. In most cases you can be pretty sure that bandwidth reports from 3 days ago or more are the most accurate. The reason is that there are users who stay connected for prolonged periods of time – yes, even more than 3 days  and we cannot collect their log info until they disconnect. E.g.) if someone has been connected to your stream for 2 days, that data will not appear in historical reports until that stream has disconnected. It will, however, appear on you dashboard as a “current connection”, but the log system cannot properly compute the actual bandwidth utilized until that 2 day stream disconnects. We believe the overall effect of this to your statistics will be extremely low. But we feel that it is our duty to inform you of these statistical issues.