Hinting your content with MP4Box

October 18, 2010 0

Hinting your content for use with Flash/Mobile streaming services


Before you start you must first download MP4Box which can be obtained here

  • Create a directory(New folder) called MP4Box on your C drive. (Case sensitive)
  • Extract the contents of MP4Box-0.4.5.zip which you downloaded using the link above into the new directory on your C drive.
  • Place the files you wish to hint within that directory.
  • Click start and select run. Enter "CMD" and then press enter.  if you are using Windows Vista or later simply type "CMD" into the "Search programs and files" box and press enter.
  • Type "cd c:/MP4Box" please note that this is case sensitive, if you receive an error you are either using incorrect case or create the folder with incorrect casing.
  • Once in the directory type "MP4Box.exe -hint filename.mp4" – Substitute "filename.mp4" with the name of the file you wish to hint.

Your content should now be ready for streaming and can be uploaded via FTP.