How to configure SAM Broadcaster

June 9, 2009 0
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How to: Configure SAM Broadcaster using PUSH and PULL




The purpose of this article is to explain how to successfully configure Windows Media with Sam Broadcaster using NetroMedia streaming services using the PUSH and PULL methods. It also explains additional options that you may use on your SAM Broadcaster. This article also assumes that you have successfully installed and configured properly your Sam Broadcaster application on your computer.
Note – NetroMedia provides Statistical Information regarding your stream, NetroMedia does not support the SAM MPM feature.
Adding Windows Media Encoder (if not already installed)
Sam Broadcaster contains various built-in Encoders that translate the raw PCM sound samples into an MP3 and/or Windows Media (and other formats) that can be streamed over the internet to multiple listeners.
Sam Broadcaster encoders are by far the most advanced available today. They feature the ability to encode and stream at multiple bitrates and in multiple formats!


Requirements before starting:

Step 1. Double click on your installed Sam Broadcaster.


Step 2.  If no Encoder is displayed, click on Window and select Encoders.


Step 3.  On the Encoders Window, click on the plus button.


Step 4.  This will display a Select Plugin Selection window.


Step 5.  Proceed and select WMA (v9 advanced) (ROBUST)


Step 6.  Select if you would like to use a Single Bitrate or Multi Bitrate and the desired bitrate. On this setup we will go for Single Bitrate.


Step 7.  Click on the Stream Options tab and Select Use PUSH or PULL distribution.

The Auto Start is optional

Step 8.  On your browser, log in to your NetroPortal account.


Step 9.  Go to Services, My Active Services and click on the channel you created for Windows Media Streaming.


Step 10.  Click on the configure button located on the top left.


Step 11.  Select the desired stream method that you will be using.


Step 12.  If PULL is selected, it will require you enter your public IP and Port in the following format and save: https://IPADDRESS:PORT


Step 13.  If you selected PUSH, scroll down till you see “Windows Media Encoder Settings for PUSH streaming”and copy those settings to your Sam Broadcaster.

When doing a copy paste, be careful not to copy any blank spaces.

Step 14.  For the Tabs Scripting, Stream Archive and About you can ignore them. But if you want to know what could be added, it’s suggested you check out the Sam Broadcaster documentation.


Step 15.  Click OK, when you are done filling in the information.


Step 16.  To test that your stream is working, on Sam Broadcaster, proceed on playing some music.


Step 17.  To start encoding select the encoder created and click on the start encoding button.


Step 18.  To listen what you are streaming, go to your portal channel configuration page.