No router, open ports – I still can’t connect

March 12, 2015 5

Even without a hardware device in between the cable/DSL/internet connection modem there may still be a software firewall installed. Popular software firewalls include: -XP Firewall – Zone Alarm – XP Firewall – Norton Firewall – McAfee Firewall – Kerio Firewall – CheckSigns Firewall – 8Signs Firewall

Do you have any of this software installed/enabled? If you do have Firewall software installed you should refer to the help/support documentation that came with the product. You should be looking for “Port Forwarding” “Exceptions” “Safe List”.

You need to make sure that if you are streaming on port “8080” that you have that port opened and pointed to the right machine. Also keep in mind that some internet providers provide built-in hardware firewalls in the DSL/cable modem products. This should not be over-looked. This can be determined by looking to see “how many wire connection points are on the back of the modem”. (If there are more than 2, it could be a router/firewall.) Or, does it have wireless capability? This usually means it’s a router/firewall as well.