Corporate Network Firewalls

March 12, 2015 5

Q: When setting up my encoder everything seems to be working properly but when I click my link from Netro it doesn’t work?


There are 3 main technical issues that make up 99% of streaming problems when it comes to live Internet broadcasting;

1. Firewalls/Routers

2. Dynamic or Improper IP Address

3. Local Network Malfunction

In a corporate environment the streamer needs to contact their system administrator and have him/her enable the ports to match the port numbers the encoder is broadcasting to.

The administrator needs to “tell” the router that any request on port number 8080 must be forwarded to the appropriate machine on the local network (the encoder). It doesn’t have to be port 8080, it can be any open port on the system so long as the router is configured in parallel.

Dynamic IP’s – Dynamic IP’s are not well suited for streaming. There are workarounds such as and other dynamic IP DNS systems that will allow you to maintain a dynamic IP while being able to benefit from a static DNS string which allows NetroMedia to connect to your encoder via DNS instead of an IP that is constantly changing.

We recommend that you contact your ISP and request that they provide you with a static IP address. Most ISP’s will do this for a small fee.

Local Network Malfunction can be caused by a large variety of issues outside the control NetroMedia. Local Networks Malfunctions include but are not limited to things like:

– Interfering Servers

– Conflicting IP’s

– Bad Wiring

– Localized Interference

– Bandwidth Fluctuations