How to: Configure Wirecast v4.0 with Flash. Inc mobile

January 24, 2011 0

How to: Configure Wirecast for usage with your NetroMedia Live Flash service


What you need:
 – PC or Mac
 – Broadband internet connection, we recommend that your internet connection be at least 1.5x your desired bitrate.


Wirecast system requirements:
Please review the following page provided by Wirecast.


Step 1 – Launch Wirecast and select your desired devices.


Step 2 – Select "Broadcast" and then "Broadcast Settings".


Step 3 – Select your desired preset, in our example we have select Flash Medium Bandwidth.


Step 4 – Enter your address (known as the FMS URL on your service page) and your stream name.


Step 5 – Press "Edit" and set your "Encoder" to H.264 and "Profile" to Baseline, you can also finely tune your desired bitrates. Press save and then save again.


Step 6 – Select "Broadcast" and then "Start/Stop Broadcast" followed by "Start All". Your stream should now be online.


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