Building a Media Encoding Workstation

March 12, 2015 8
To stream quality digital media files on the Internet, it is important that you have the right computer equipment. At NetroMedia, we strongly suggest a dedicated digital production work station. This is simply a computer system with specific software that is used to encode files that can be streamed on the Internet. The minimum computer requirement is a dedicated Quad Core 2Ghz PC with a minimum 2-4GB of RAM. Your system should also include high quality (AES/EBU) sound and (SDI) video capture cards and a network card that will be used to connect to your video console or soundboard. The following hyperlink article is very useful and will be a valuable resource in ensuring a positive streaming experience. Building a workstation to stream high quality video and audio files: You will also need to download Windows Media Encoder. This is a free but very powerful software package that is open source and free to the public. The encoder will produce *.wma audio and *.wmv video files that are then capable of being broadcast on NetroMedia’s distribution network. Downloading Windows Media Encoder to your workstation: IP address – router – firewall – uplink protocols: Once you have your workstation running properly, email NetroMedia your IP address and the port number of your router. If you do not know the IP address of your router, just open your browser and type in: NetroMedia will also ask you to confirm with your Internet service provider that your uplink capacity via your modem is sufficient. A general rule of thumb is to double your intended kbps stream and then add 10%. If this number exceeds your uplink capacity, it is critical that you upgrade your modem from DSL/ADSL to dedicated cable or a T1 line. if you wish to test your own upload/download capacity you can do so by clicking on the link provided below. simply select a testing station close to your location and run the test. there is steps to follow and when you are done the test write down the numbers it gave you and then decipher if you have the proper connection. typically ISP’s will tell u a base number which really doesnt show what you connection can do so, do this test and that will tell you your exact internet capability.