How to: Setup Embedded Flash Player

October 31, 2008 0
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The purpose of this article is to explain the procedure on how to setup your Flash Media embedded player for your site and to accomplish this you have 2 options.

Option 1(Recommended)

If you will be streaming live and you would prefer not to modify HTML, simply click on the following link for instructions:

How to: Obtain the embedded player for Windows Media and Flash Live streaming

If you will be doing on demand streaming, please refer to our NetroFileManager tutorial:

How to: Use the NetroFileManager

Option 2

To configure our Flash player manually, you need to use the Flash player embeddable code located below this article. You may want to copy the code on any text editor such as notepad, notepad++ or any of your choice.


· Live / On-Demand Flash Example Link = rtmp://

· Channel / Publishing Point = netro

· To use the code below, simply select it, copy it, and paste it in to your HTML page.

· You need to modify the "url" and "netConnectionUrl" variables to reflect the location of your stream or video.

· Using the example details above, modify as following:

· url = netro (for Live Streaming) / myFile.flv or mp4:myFile.m4v (for On-Demand streaming)

· netConnectionUrl = rtmp:// (i.e. your channel link)

Flash player embeddable code:

If you require assistance with please create a case by clicking here