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One-Time Live Event

$995 One-Time Payment

$0 /month

Ideal for a single event or limited time offering. Includes custom skins and a custom shopping cart based on your branding. Live, On-Demand, About Us, and Home pages are included with this offering.

Subscription Portal

$995 One-Time Payment

$149 /month

Ideal for live TV or video archives. Various subscription options available, custom skins and layout options and Product description, Live, On-Demand, About Us, and Home pages.

PPV Site Deliverables

  • Hosted Website
  • Hosted domain (
  • Shopping Cart + User login system
  • Top banner
  • Home page:
    • Introduction content
    • A paragraph about the company / project.
    • General terms and conditions (pricing, access duration etc.)
    • Embedded introduction video if supplied (optional).
    • Contact information details.
  • Sign-up / Registration pages:
    • Complete purchasing process from selecting a product and registering to paying and viewing the selected product.
  • Landing pages for each product:
    • Embed code (Live / On-Demand)
    • Supporting graphics and content (supplied by client)
    • Troubleshooting paragraph
  • About Us or Contact Us page:
    • Information supplied by client
(Additional pages, products, or design work are custom priced. Speak to your Account Manager for quotation.)
Is your event a long one? Get 14 days of streaming with a maximum of 2,000 or 10,000 concurrent connections per stream.
Additional Add-ons
Professional broadcasters can plug their streaming video into embeddable Flash or SilverLight media players, featuring custom skins and branding, as well as cutting-edge interactive features. NetroMedia ensures all video feeds delivered from its Content Delivery Network are truly “player-agnostic”, meaning they can be played in any web-based media player or web application. Custom media players can include hyper-specific branding, skinning and packaging. GeoControl is the perfect solution for online broadcasters who wish to manage their viewers’ access to videos based on geographic location. This includes blocking and allowing certain continents, regions, countries or even cities. This service is particularly useful for broadcasting sporting or special events suitable for rights only streaming, where access to the stream might be limited to an audience in a particular location only. NetroMedia’s GeoControl solution can also be implemented with archived On-Demand content. Preventing theft of copyrighted on-demand videos, stopping hot-linking and blocking unauthorized access are common issues professional online broadcasters face all the time. SecureStream™ protects your videos. NetroMedia offers broadcasters a simple, yet highly effective secure streaming solution that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of most DRM solutions with the same level of security. Set-up is quick and installation on existing streaming channels is invisible to viewers.
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Bronze $0 Silver $49 Gold $229 Platinum $449
Bronze Phone Support Standard Priority Knowledge Base Silver Phone Support High Priority Remote Assist Gold Phone Support High Priority Dedicated Tech Platinum Phone Support High Priority Dedicated Team

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Free $0 Basic $25 Professional $75 Enterprise $125
Free Range: 14 Days Real-Time Statistics Full Geo-Reports Printable Charts Basic Range: 30 Days Real-Time Statistics Full Geo-Reports Printable Charts Peak Connections Professional Range: 1 Year Real-Time Statistics Full Geo-Reports Printable Charts Peak Connections Most Popular Times Enterprise Range: 1 Year Real-Time Statistics Full Geo-Reports Printable Charts Peak Connections Most Popular Times Project Statistics

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