Whether you are a terrestrial or online radio broadcaster, NetroMedia has an ideal radio streaming solution. You can broadcast multiple channels under a single account. Even better – you can stream highly compressed live or on-demand audio in multiple formats to multiple platforms. Don’t be limited by device. Discover how our audio streaming solutions can help you pump up the volume!

Global Content Delivery Network

NetroMedia’s robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the backbone of all our services. It features high-efficiency acquisition and distribution servers linked via major Tier-1 networks to strategically placed POPs.

NetroMedia’s CDN has been built upon the Streaming Media Matrix™ architecture, first introduced in 1999 and constantly improved since. Through its dynamic design, this network is capable of serving 100’s of gbps anywhere on earth while increasing capacity on-demand.

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365/24/7 Live Radio Streaming

Broadcasting live tunes? Reporting the news? Voicing your opinion on the latest events? You are going to want stability and speed but our live radio service can offer you this along with so much more!

Whether you choose to stream in Flash or Windows Media, with ad integration technology, branded and customizable media players, multi-platform capabilities, real-time reporting tools, expert support and GeoControl, you’ll find there’s lots of reasons to choose NetroMedia. By the way, we’ll have you streaming in less than 5 minutes!

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Share Your Waves On-Demand

Whether you’re a musician looking to share your magnum-opus or an educator wishing to offer pre-recorded lectures, our on-demand audio streaming service can help you create a comprehensive library of crystal-clear, high-quality, always-accessible audio clips.

You can upload multiple files via FTP or use our intuitive online File Manager. Your clips are then stored on a secure network, ready to be embedded on your website in seconds. Setup is super-quick, super easy.

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Multi-Platform Delivery: Your Content, Everywhere

You want to hear amazing? Your streams now have no limitations. Hand-held devices, tablet PCs, smartphones, traditional desktops – you can broadcast to them all.

NetroMedia’s CDN has a fleet of Wowza Media servers primed to deliver live and on-demand streaming media to a multitude of devices, including Androids, Blackberries, iPhones – and any other media-enabled device. Oh, and did we mention our ‘SaaS’ streaming portal where you can create and manage your stations instantly online? Pretty amazing, huh?

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Choice is Good Great!

We want you to be able to offer your audience choices so that you can be confident that your content can be heard. That’s why we now offer multi-format streaming to suit everyone’s individual likes and needs. Prefer Flash? Windows Media Player? SHOUTcast? We’ve got you covered.

We all have a favourite flavour – and your listeners are no exception. That’s why we offer you the ability to stream in multiple formats, broaden your audience and increase your coverage with options that suit everyone’s preference. Embed your streams online with a Flash or Windows Media player OR let us build you a sweet custom player with loads of cool features that will help you establish interest and trust with your audience.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if online stations were fully manageable through a single secure portal? Broadcasters would have instant access to a friendly UI where they could easily manage and provision live and on-demand channels. No need to dream anymore…

NetroPortal™ users can not only enable and disable services in real-time, but monitor the state of existing services through a straight-forward UI as well. Advanced reporting tools with over 130 different reports are available for each station. And best of all, NetroPortal™ can be accessed at any time using any device.

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Set Yourself Apart With Custom Radio Players

Tune in to what makes your broadcast – and your audience – unique with custom embeddable Flash or SilverLight media players.

Equipped with meta-data ingestion and play-list functionality, our custom players boast so many cutting-edge interactive features that your competition won’t know what to be jealous of first. Experience the ultimate personalization for your media player with NetroMedia’s custom skins and branding and give your stream the vibrant visual appeal it deserves.

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integration and development

Integration and Development

By delivering truly agnostic audio feeds, NetroMedia’s streaming network can seamlessly interact with various software and hardware over common data-transfer protocols such as HTTP, RTSP/RTP, RTMP and MMS.

One of the greatest advantages of streaming with NetroMedia is the ability to integrate online radio with Rich-Internet Applications (RIAs) in Flash, SilverLight or HTML5, often in order to create web-applications with audio capturing functionality, conferencing capabilities and real-time audio manipulation.

Your Audio – In High-Definition

Your Audience will receive your signal loud and clear with high-quality low latency audio delivery. Enjoy zero interruptions without sacrificing quality.

Impress your listeners with crystal-clear highly-compressed AAC, HE-AAC and MP3 audio in up to 320kbps. Our audio maintains its high-definition quality even when it’s compressed, which saves you bandwidth – and money – without compromising. You can also use any mic or mixer you like – we support it all.

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analytics suite

Advanced Analytics Suite: Know Thy Audience

Our real-time reporting tools are designed to provide you with relevant information about your streams so that you can be on the same frequency as your audience.

This feature will allow you to answer critical questions, track visitor trends and impress potential advertisers. Our Enterprise reporting level has over 300 individual reports on stations covering past, present and predicted streaming stats. With reports generated in real time, you will have all the facts right when you need them. Imagine the freedom and security of predicting your site’s future while utilizing its past.

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Ads That Flow With Your Grooves

When you add your ads, you still want your streams to stream, right? NetroMedia’s advertising solutions allow ads, like sponsorship clips, or audio commercials served from our CDN, to be integrated with streaming audio in various ways.

You decide when during your playback you would like ads to come up. Be it in the middle of playback, or before playback begins (Pre-Roll Ads), you can add the ads when they’re just right. One or many, ads will be integrated seamlessly into your streamed content and resemble conventional broadcasting.



GeoControl: Divide and Stream

Location, location, location. Even online, it’s all about location. That is why we’ve developed GeoControl – the perfect solution for online broadcasters wishing to manage their listeners’ access to audio based on geographic location.

GeoControl lets you allow and deny access to your stream from certain continents, regions, countries or even cities. Save money and bandwidth only broadcasting to the geographical locations you want to reach. Divide and stream. Or, if you’re broadcasting sporting or special events suitable for rights-only streaming, you can easily focus on an audience in a particular location only. Programs subject to licensing? Broadcast only to the certain geographic locations that comply with your licensing agreements.

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Don’t want anyone hijacking your radio streams? Professional online broadcasters are no strangers to pirate attacks. That’s why we’re here to give you the tools to halt hot-linking and ninja-block unauthorized access to your content.

NetroMedia can give you a hand with simple yet highly effective secure streaming solutions without dealing a blow to your wallet. These solutions can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of most DRM solutions, while maintaining the same level of defence. Set-up is quick and installation on your pre-existing streaming stations will be invisible to your listeners. There’s no need to broadcast from a secure underground bunker; we’ve got your back.

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A Little Help from Your Friends

NetroMedia’s Radio Streaming services are specially designed to be fully managed by broadcasters in a web-based environment. In addition, our various cost-effective Support Levels ensure broadcasters have all the support they need. We’re here to help.

Our extensive online Knowledge Base and live chat assistance are included with all accounts and can be accessed through NetroPortal™. Broadcasters who require assistance from top-level technicians have access to three value-packed support levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum). We’re here when you need it; lean on us.

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