NetroMedia’s GeoControl feature includes two comprehensive solutions – GeoFencing and GeoDistribution – that make managing access to content based on geographical location a snap. Both solutions can be applied to live, on-demand or archived content.

GeoFencing allows you to block out audiences from specified locations or limit your audience to specified geographic locations.

GeoDistribution allows you to direct different content based on audience location.

GeoFencing Benefits

With GeoFencing, it is easy to manage content with rights that are subject to location. This can include events such as:

  • sporting events
  • governmental events
  • concerts


GeoDistribution Benefits

With GeoDistribution it is effortless to serve the most relevant content and advertising to each region.

Engage your audience by matching content to the right audience:

  • Local content
  • Relevant languages
  • Appropriate scheduling content by time zone

Improve the efficacy of ads by serving them to the right audience:

  • Deliver valuable customers by serving ads based on the regions that are most desirable to each advertiser
  • Eliminate waste by limiting ads to the regions in which the products and services are available
geo distribution

How does GeoControl work?

When your audience clicks on your streaming link, NetroMedia’s GeoControl solutions instantly determine where they are geographically located. That location is cross-checked with the set of allowances you have determined.


If the location is allowed, the stream is activated. If the location is not allowed, the stream cannot be played.


The user will be directed to the content that you have specifically designated for their region.