streaming players introduction

Are you reaching all the devices you, or your loyal audience, think you should? Does that include the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices?


radio players streaming

Stream both Live and On-Demand high-quality video to various Smartphones, including the iPhone, Android devices, BlackBerries and other media-enabled devices.


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Secure, accessible, high quality live and on demand mobile streaming to all mobile platforms, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.


streaming questions

Got questions? Checkout our FAQ for answers to all your radio and video streaming questions.

Streaming to Mobile Devices

Modern 3G capable mobile devices are able to receive streaming media; although, some Communications Providers do not support delivery of stream content over their 3G network. At NetroMedia, we can provide delivery of both Live Streams and On-Demand content to mobile devices.

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Packetized RTSP Delivery Explained

There are two main ways to deliver audio & video content over the internet: Stream Delivery (typically used for live content) and Progressive Download for on-demand content.

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Configuring a Pre-roll for iPhone and iPad Viewers

It is possible to configure a web-based client side pre-roll for viewers using an Ipad or Iphone; Click “read more” to take a look at our example and obtain code.

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