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Are you reaching all the devices you, or your loyal audience, think you should? Does that include the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices?


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Stream both Live and On-Demand high-quality video to various Smartphones, including the iPhone, Android devices, BlackBerries and other media-enabled devices.


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Secure, accessible, high quality live and on demand mobile streaming to all mobile platforms, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.


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Got questions? Checkout our FAQ for answers to all your radio and video streaming questions.

Streaming to Mobile Devices

Modern 3G capable mobile devices are able to receive streaming media; although, some Communications Providers do not support delivery of stream content over their 3G network. At NetroMedia, we can provide delivery of both Live Streams and On-Demand content to mobile devices.

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Packetized RTSP Delivery Explained

There are two main ways to deliver audio & video content over the internet: Stream Delivery (typically used for live content) and Progressive Download for on-demand content.

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Configuring a Pre-roll for iPhone and iPad Viewers

It is possible to configure a web-based client side pre-roll for viewers using an Ipad or Iphone; Click “read more” to take a look at our example and obtain code.

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  • Dear Patrick, Thank you for all your help and great service so that we could have our live streaming event went smoothly. Also, special thanks to Darren, who has helped us greatly in the technical support especially helping us on the set up of the player and everything else.

    Richard Lai

  • Patrick - Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your help in making yesterday's webcast a huge success. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

    Larry Jones

  • The church that I work for is a customer of NetroMedia for our live streaming services. Although Patrick is my account rep, I have recently been speaking with Darren. I began speaking with Darren after calling to get some help from Patrick (he was unavailable). Darren could have easily told me to leave a voice mail with Patrick, but he took the time to not only help me with that current issue, but then followed up with me afterwards. The problem wasn't completely fixed, but Darren continued to help me through it step by step. We are still having a few issues (on our end), but I am confident that with Darren's help, it will be resolved. I asked him for your email because I wanted you to know what a joy and relief he has been to me in a time when most companies and reps are quick to get you off the phone and to the next caller. Darren has been such a help! Thanks.

    T.J. Mitchell

  • A quick note to thank you for your kind service in helping us explore our video streaming options. I would also like to express my appreciation for Darren from the Tech Department who has been most helpful in working through some unique technical issues we're dealing with. Due to problems with streaming to some rented meeting space, Darren is putting together special code to help us resolve connectivity challenges. I very much appreciate your courteous and helpful service.

    Duane Abler

  • The custom player came out great. You're the bomb! Darren, I hope they appreciate your hard work there. Love you for it!

    Michael Cody

  • My Radio is now being monitored around the world thanks to the impeccable service delivered by NetroMedia! I wish to sincerely thank Ms. Tanya, my account Manager, for her continued efforts to satisfy my needs! She is always available when I need her and she never failed to serve me better! Thank you very much Tanya and NetroMedia for what you do for me and my business!

    Daudi Faraja Patrick

  • Hi Patrick, you have been a gem. You took me from not knowing anything about streaming to being able to troubleshoot on my own! Your demeanour, expertise, professionalism and knowledge made this experience a piece of cake.

    Pam Meisner

  • From the first night I signed up for a trial account the customer service I received has been better than excellent. The online live help and you have made my initial experience with NetroMedia a simple and wonderful experience.

    Ross Waterman

  • Seldom in my business experiences have I come across a company who ranks customer support and service as highly as NetroMedia. It is truly refreshing to observe the care you must take in selecting your technicians and sales people. Your response time is virtually unheard of in this day and age. I have yet to call and be placed on hold for any period of time, and email responses are almost immediate. After working with several other streaming providers, none of whom I could contact by phone, and sometimes wait for days for an email response, I began to search for a provider who had my best interest at heart. Scanning the internet I looked for a company with a phone number attached to their advertisements. Very few were found. After finding your web site, phone number included, I called and talked to Darren from the Tech Department, it turned out to be a very good experience for me. Darren, who actually is a person, and not a recorded voice, was pleasant to work with in every way. He was polite and knowledgeable in your product and with a variety of products that work with your service as well. Speaking with him this one time, I was persuaded to work with NetroMedia. Since that time I have spoken with other technicians at NetroMedia. Just yesterday I spoke with William. Again, another extremely polite, patient, and knowledgable tech. He assisted me in setting up our stream through NetroMedia. Will also was truly knowledgable in the various streaming software programs. His assistance was invaluable.

    Haskell Mayes

  • I was teaching at the local high school and saw a need to broadcast the coming football season online. By not having any internet streaming experience and not being a heavy internet technology person, I was shaky about undertaking this project. After researching several streaming providers, I felt very comfortable talking to Patrick from NetroMedia. He made me realize that my project could be accomplished without me going crazy. When it came time to setup the actual stream, Darren in the Tech Department was a tremendous asset in walking me through the setup procedures, and assisting my web hosting company with the links necessary to put on my webpage. These two (2) individuals made a nightmare project a sweet dream. I strongly recommend NetroMedia for internet streaming whether for the professional broadcaster or for an amateur like myself. When professional results are needed and handholding for a novice is important, NetroMedia is the only way to stream. The company is great because of personnel like Patrick Wickstrom and Darren Shaw. Thanks for true CUSTOMER SERVICE which is very difficult to find in today's market.

    David Clark