How to: Streaming to Mobile Devices

January 20, 2010 2
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Streaming to Mobile Devices


Modern 3G capable mobile devices are able to receive streaming media;although, some communications providers do not support delivery of stream content over their 3G network.

At NetroMedia, we can provide delivery of both live streams and on-demand content to mobile devices. To encode your content before you upload it to your on-demand streaming service for distribution, we suggest the following tools:

There are other encoders that will produce streams capable of being viewed on mobile devices. Please view the required encoding profiles below to see if your encoder is capable of doing so.

Streaming media can be delivered to any mobile device over a wireless network, though, some mobile devices only support specific codec profiles.


Blackberry, Android, Nokia, Ericsson

To deliver content that can be played by the native Blackberry or Android media player you must be using an encoder profile with the following settings:

  • H.264: baseline profile 3.0 or lower video codec
  • AAC audio codec
  • Baseline profile 1.3 must be adhered to for Blackberry devices
  • Low resolutions are recommended, 320×240 provides the greatest range of support.

Please note that although most devices should support these codecs, not all do. Please review the technical specifications of your specific device to check for supported codecs. Older Blackberry models do not support H.264 video and cannot stream this content.


iPhone Support

  • H.264: baseline profile 3.0 or lower video codec
  • MP3, AAC, AAC low complexity (AAC LC) and high efficiency AAC v1 (HE-AAC) [note: HE-AAC v2 not supported]
  • NOTE – due to the protocol design for HTTP Live Streaming – these feeds can be 10-40seconds behind the Flash and RTSP delivered feeds.

These two types of stream profiles can also be delivered by NetroMedia to PCs via a Flash player.


Windows Phone Support

Windows Phone does not natively support any kind of stream delivery. A customized Silverlight Player must be built to reach Windows 7 Phones.

NOTE   This is only available to Professional Program users and up, although we can provide quotations on a per channel basis if required.

  • Mobile streams are not automatically set-up. They must be configured by the NetroMedia Technical Team on a per stream basis.
  • Please open a support case requesting mobile support for your channel. Make sure to add your channel name in the support case.


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