How to: Installing Open Broadcaster on OSX (Mac)

November 13, 2014 1

Installing Open Broadcaster on OSX and Configuring a capture card.

Before starting please be aware that Open Broadcaster is a complex application meant for advanced and technical streamers, if you are unfamiliar with configuring capture devices and adjusting the built in audio settings within OSX you may want to try a simpler application. Step 1 – Download OBS from Step 2 – Locate the installer in your Downloads directory via the Finder and open it. Step 3 – Once open, you will find another Application labeled “OBS Studio.mpkg”.  Double click to launch this Applcation. Step 4 – Follow the on screen instructions to finish installation of the Application. Step 5 – Launch OBS, you can find it in your “Applications” folder via the finder. Step 6 – Under “sources” select the default “Display capture” and simply press the small red “” to remove it. Step 7 – Select the small green + under “Sources” and select “Video capture device” Step 8 – Select your Video devices such as your capture card or webcam by selecting the “Device” drop down.  You can then close this window. Step 9a – Configuring your audio.  By default OBS on OSX has all audio options disabled; if you are using a capture card you should set it as your default input device within OSX itself.  You can do this by opening the following: Finder > Applications > System Preferences > Sound. – Select the “Input” tab and select your capture card or camera mic then close out the “Sound” window. Step 9b – Return to OBS and select “Settings”.  Select the “Audio” tab and set your “Mic/Aux” audio device to “Default” Step 10 – Configuring your stream.  From the main OBS window, select “Settings” and select the “Stream” tab.  Select “Custom Streaming Server” from the Stream Type drop down menu.  Enter your provided FMS URL into the “URL” tab and your “Stream” into the “Stream key” tab. Step 11 – Configuring your bitrate.  From the main OBS window, select “Settings” and select the “Output” tab.  Here you can set your Video and Audio bitrates based on your streaming requirements. Step 12 – Stream.  Simply press “Start streaming” to start your broadcast.