With NetroMedia’s SecureStream service, protecting your valuable audio and video streaming content has never been this simple. SecureStream ensures that your video content is only playable from sites you have authorized.

For additional control SecureStream can be combined with NetroMedia’s GeoControl streaming solutions.

SecureStream Benefits

Defend your content with NetroMedia’s simple and highly effective solution.

  • Save money. Unlike some streaming security solutions, SecureStream provides you with effective security at a cost that won’t break the bank.
  • Protect your brand. SecureStream ensures your content is only associated with your brand.
  • Protect your investment. Ensure no one else profits from your content.
  • Save time. SecureStream is quick and easy to implement.
  • Provide a seamless experience. SecureStream is invisible to viewers accessing your content from authorized sites. It won’t disrupt their enjoyment of your content.
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How SecureStream Works

When a viewer attempts to view your content on a webpage, the SecureStream service checks the page against a list of criteria, including domain names, that you have specified. If the viewer is trying to watch your stream on a site that does not match your specified criteria, it simply won’t play.

SecureStream Features

  • Compatible across media formats
  • Available for any device
  • Authentication options available, including token authentication
  • Option to set time limits on stream requests after authentication
  • Option to limit stream session duration
  • Available customization of the error messages for unauthorized viewers
  • Add to Radio, Video, Live Events, Mobile, and Pay-Per-View packages

Streaming Programs

SecureStream means never having to worry about theft of your content again. Add NetroMedia’s SecureStream service to your radio, video, live event, mobile, or pay-per-view streaming program and rest easy.