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A Live demo of our Pay-Per-View streaming services. This live Pay-Per-View example shows a basic layout for a pay-per-view website.


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Various subscription options available, custom skins and layout options and Product description, Live, On-Demand, About Us, and Home pages.


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Convenient pay-per-view portals, which enable out clients to easily monetize their live and on-demand streaming video content.


streaming questions

Got questions? Checkout our FAQ for answers to all your radio and video streaming questions.

One-Time Pay-Per-View

One-Time Live Event

Ideal for a single event or limited time offering. Includes custom skins and shopping cart based on your branding, and Live, On-Demand, About Us, and Home pages.

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Subscription Portal

Ideal for Live TV or Video Archives. Multiple Subscription options available and a variety of custom skins and layout options + Product description, Live, On-Demand, About Us, and Home pages.

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Ongoing Pay-Per-View

Multiple Live Events

Ideal for offering multiple Live Events (such as monthly sporting events, quarterly meetings or weekly gatherings).

Initial Setup includes all the functionality and customization. Each following event is customized with dates, text, and branding.

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Pay-Per-View Specs

Our Pay-Per-View Portals can be fully customized to match your needs, branding, and unique business offering.

Our Pay-Per-View Gateway functions like any other website would, with the added value of a built in Content Management System (CMS), User-Management system, Shopping Cart and Video portal. The end-result is a powerful system that can take your project to the next level and help you monetize your creative talent.

The standard pages included with every Pay-Per-View portal are Home and About Us pages, as well as pages for your Live or On-Demand video. These pages can feature any text or images you would like, in addition to a design/structure that matches your current website.

Our Pay-Per-View portal features a variety of different configuration options, including but not limited to:

  • PayPal and Credit Card payment support (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Diners etc.)
  • Multiple Payment Gateway options (Moneris, Website Payments Pro, AuthorizeNet and more)
  • Custom Welcome email templates.
  • Donation or gift mode (allows users to set a price they are willing to pay, with an optional minimum product price).
  • User management system with custom roles.
  • Ability to collect additional information about your visitors (such as IM, website and phone details).
  • Advanced coupon management system.
  • Stock and purchased orders statistics.

Many of these options are available upon request and may result in additional charges.

Internet Security and Digital Rights Management

Internet Digital Rights Management programs (DRM) can create very secure encrypted digital files to enhance your security protocols. While DRM systems can be expensive, they represent specific features to meet the exacting demands of many industries that require encrypted security access to digital content.

ppv key

Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Bitrate

Consider the projected download speed of your target audience. Generally, a viewer should have a download capacity that is 1.5 times greater than the stream’s bitrate. If your audience primarily has dial-up, broadcasting at a higher bitrate will be counter-productive.

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Bandwidth Analysis: How to calculate stream consumption

It is critical to analyze your demographics, market share, potential client numbers and your delivery model. Once this has been completed, bandwidth and consumption can be accurately tabulated.

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