NetroMedia is a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and streaming service provider that specializes only in online streaming and related add-on services. It is why we are able to offer such a comprehensive list. And the reason for the list is we are a global streaming service organization and our clients’ needs and their clients or listeners or viewers needs are as varied as the content and the countries they live in.

Global Content Delivery Network

NetroMedia’s robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the backbone of all our services. It features high-efficiency acquisition and distribution servers linked via major Tier-1 networks to strategically placed POPs. NetroMedia’s CDN has been built upon the Streaming Media Matrix™ architecture, first introduced in 1999 and constantly improved since. Through its dynamic design, this network is capable of serving 100’s of gbps anywhere on earth while increasing capacity on-demand. Read More


Live TV Streaming

NetroMedia’s live streaming service allows broadcasters to deliver 24/7 real-time streaming media over the Internet. For video broadcasters, one of the most common applications is Internet TV. The live video streaming service can be used to operate one or more channels, cloning of traditional TV with a Server Side Playlist (SSPL). Video Ad integration technology, branded and customizable web-players and GeoControl make streaming live TV with NetroMedia a truly unique experience. Start Now Live Streaming

Streaming Video Hosting

Online broadcasters can upload, manage and deliver on-demand streaming video with NetroMedia’s streaming media hosting service. Videos are uploaded through NetroPortal™, or using any FTP client to batch-upload files. Videos are stored on a secure network and become available immediately after the upload has been completed. They can be embedded online with any media player, including extendable flash players such as the open-source FlowPlayer and JWPlayer. Viewers enjoy complete playback control. Start Now Compare Programs
netro file manager


Multi-Platform Streaming

As technology and wireless network coverage improve, more and more people begin consuming streaming media on the road, using hand-held devices, Tablet PCs and smart-phones, in addition to traditional desktops. NetroMedia’s CDN has a fleet of Wowza Media servers optimized to deliver both live and on-demand streaming media to multiple devices. This functionality is directly linked to an online streaming portal where channels can be managed and provisioned instantly online. Go Mobile

Multi-Format Streaming

Multi-Format Streaming can help increase the online coverage of streaming video by catering to both late and early adopters. NetroMedia supports all major streaming formats including Flash, Windows Media and QuickTime. In addition to streaming formats, NetroMedia supports a wide variety of high-quality compression standards including H.264 (with MP3 or AAC audio) and MPEG-4. HTML5 delivery is available as well, although this standard currently delivers via progressive download and not streaming. Read More
multi-format streaming

netro portal management


NetroMedia’s streaming services are fully manageable through a secure online portal. Broadcasters have instant access to a friendly UI where they can easily manage and provision live and on-demand channels. NetroPortal™ users can enable and disable services in real-time, as well as monitor the state of existing services through a straight-forward UI. Advanced reporting tools with over 130 different reports are available for each channel. NetroPortal™ can be accessed at any time using any device. Read More

Custom Media Players

Professional broadcasters can plug their streaming video into embeddable Flash or SilverLight media players, featuring custom skins and branding, as well as cutting-edge interactive features. NetroMedia ensures all video feeds delivered from its Content Delivery Network are truly “player-agnostic”, meaning they can be played in any web-based media player or web application. Custom media players can include hyper-specific branding, skinning and packaging. View Players
custom radio players

integration and development

Integration and Development

By delivering truly agnostic audio feeds, NetroMedia’s streaming network can seamlessly interact with various software and hardware over common data-transfer protocols such as HTTP, RTSP/RTP, RTMP and MMS. One of the greatest advantages of streaming with NetroMedia is the ability to integrate online video with Rich-Internet Applications (RIAs) in Flash, SilverLight or HTML5, often in order to create web-applications with video capturing functionality, XML overlays, video chat functionality and more.

High-Quality Delivery

Whether delivering Live or On-Demand video, NetroMedia supports high-compression HD (720p / 1080p) and SD transfer. Full bitrate control (540kbps – 4000kbps) allows broadcasters to easily modify output quality. Advanced compression standards including H.264 and MPEG-4 are supported. IIS7 Smooth Streaming technology for full HD 1080p delivery is available upon request. Professional broadcasters can make use of fall-back mechanisms on different layers to deliver Adaptive Streaming.
Mobile HD

analytics suite

Advanced Analytics

NetroMedia’s real-time reporting tools are designed to provide broadcasters with relevant information about their streaming — answer critical questions, track visitor trends and attract potential advertisers with raw facts. Enterprise reporting levels offer over 300 individual reports on channels – covering past, present and predicted streaming stats and reports. NetroPortal™ includes instant access to an online reporting interface. This system is maintained and upgraded constantly to reflect industry changes. Find Out More


NetroMedia’s video advertising solutions allow ads to be integrated with streaming video in various ways. These include sponsorship clips and commercials served from NetroMedia’s CDN, as well as text and graphic ads. Advertisements can be set to appear at a certain time during playback of the video, or before playback begins (Pre-Roll Ads). Whether you have only one ad clip, or multiple clips – they will all play seamlessly within the streamed content, resembling conventional broadcasting.



GeoControl is the perfect solution for online broadcasters who wish to manage their viewers’ access to videos based on geographic location. This includes blocking and allowing certain continents, regions, countries or even cities. This service is particularly useful for broadcasting sporting or special events suitable for rights-only streaming, where access to the stream might be limited to an audience in a particular location only. NetroMedia’s GeoControl solution can also be implemented with archived On-Demand content. More On GeoControl


Preventing theft of copyrighted on-demand videos, stopping hot-linking and blocking unauthorized access are common issues professional online broadcasters face all the time. SecureStream™ protects your videos. NetroMedia offers broadcasters a simple yet highly effective secure streaming solution that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of most DRM solutions with the same level of security. Set-up is quick and installation on existing streaming channels is invisible to viewers. About SecureStream™
secure stream

netro support

Support Levels

NetroMedia’s video streaming services are designed to be fully managed by broadcasters in a web-based environment. In addition, different cost-effective Support Levels ensure broadcasters have all the support they need. An extensive online Knowledge Base and live chat assistance are included with all accounts and can be accessed through NetroPortal™. Broadcasters who require assistance from top-level technicians have access to three value-packed support levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum). Our Support Levels