Getting Started

» How do I get started?

Simply click any of the “Start Now” or “Start Streaming” links on our website, and complete our registration form.

After completing registration, you will receive an email containing your NetroPortal login information. Log into our NetroPortal to purchase streaming services or try our streaming services free.

» I am new to streaming, where can I get help choosing a service?

» Can I try streaming before I buy?

Yes. Simply request a Free Trial, or sign-up for our Free Streaming Program.

» How do I know how much bandwidth my streaming project will need?

Option 1: Estimate your project needs. Start with the estimated amount of daily users, the bit-rate you plan on using and the average viewing/listening time per user. Feed this information into our Streaming Calculator to get a bandwidth estimate.

Option 2: If you cannot estimate your streaming project needs, choose the Free or Basic Program, and after one month of streaming – adjust your program / bandwidth based on the data you’ve gathered in this time period.

Usage and Bandwidth

» How many people can connect to my stream?

We don’t place any connection limits on your stream. You can have as many people connect to your stream as you want. More connections simply means more bandwidth used.

» What happens if I go over my allocated bandwidth?

Your stream is left running, and you will simply pay the overage amount at the end of your normal monthly billing cycle.

» How can I limit the amount of connections to my stream?

If you wish to place a connection limit on your stream – you can use our concurrent pricing plan. With this program any users who try to connect to your stream once your limit has been reached will be denied access until a current user disconnects from your stream.

» Can I switch between bandwidth-based pricing and concurrent-based pricing?

Yes. You can switch pricing plans at any time and with no extra fee. Simply let us know and we will make the adjustments for you.

» What happens when my audience size grows?

If your audience size grows, it is probably a good time to purchase more bandwidth. You can do this at any time, with no extra charge. Changes to your account will come into effect on your next monthly billing cycle.

If you are on a concurrent pricing plan, and are frequently reaching your maximum amount of connections, you should request a higher limit for your stream, or move to a bandwidth pricing plan.

» How can I keep track of my bandwidth usage?

All services on NetroMedia include advanced reporting tools that allow you to monitor your bandwidth usage in real-time.

Payment & Setup

» How can I pay for my streaming service?

NetroMedia accepts all major credit cards as form of payment. You can sign up and pay online or we can send you a streaming services agreement that you can keep as a record. We only ask that you sign and fax back to our accounting department for processing.

» How long does it take for my account to get set up?

Generally all streaming services are ready to be used immediately after sign-up. Some speciality services (e.g. Quicktime Streaming) require manual setup, which usually takes less than one business day to complete.