Webcasting live concerts, speeches, ceremonies, sporting events etc. requires a skilled video crew on location, as well as an experienced CDN operating “behind the scenes”. Large one-time events may attract a significant volume of connections in a short period of time. Distribution servers must therefore be optimized in order to handle throughput efficiently during peak.

A CDN For Your Peace of Mind

Imagine frames dropping in the final minutes of an important match, or intense buffering just as a “magical” guitar solo hits its peak. As a live event broadcaster or producer, you can’t afford interruptions. Get it right the first time, and all the time.

With NetroMedia’s fully redundant global Content Delivery Network (CDN), linked to strategically placed Points-of-Presence, via some of the fastest Tier-1 networks in existence, failure is not an option. Through its dynamic design, this network is capable of serving 100’s of gbps anywhere on earth while increasing capacity on-demand. NetroMedia’s Content Delivery Network is peace of mind you can definitely afford. The alternatives are not.

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art of live streaming

The Art of Live Event Streaming

Broadcasting events is complex. It’s those valuable tricks of the trade that make your town hall look like the Colosseum and your broadcast feel like a million-dollar production. We know this because we’ve been there. Our experience allows you the opportunity to shine.

From small conventions to huge concerts – our CDN delivers. But it’s not only the scale, speed and stability of our network that we’re proud of – it’s our team of experts solely dedicated to helping you succeed. Whether guiding frantic producers through the unexpected or tinkering with so many devices that they can’t tell reality from BIOS, they’ve seen it all.

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Pay-Per-View Systems

You’ve worked hard to produce outstanding content. Now it’s time to sit back, relax and reap the fruits of your efforts. We’re here to help: NetroMedia designs and develops a variety of custom Pay-Per-View gateways, perfect for selling tickets to your Live event .

Our Pay-Per-View system supports all standard Payment Gateways (including the popular PayPal Website Payments Pro and Authorize.Net ). It uses a secure Login and permission system and our self-developed SecureStream™ technology to ensure your event is viewed only by authorized users who have purchased access. Coupon codes, Custom Media Players, an advanced Chat module, dynamic styles and additional features make this solution one that suits the needs of any professional event broadcaster.


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Event Archiving: Save Your Stream

Just because an event is over, doesn’t mean your broadcast has to stop. With the latest encoding software and our unrivalled knowledge and experience, you will be able to save your live streaming video and offer it for on-demand viewing.

Both Flash Media Live Encoder and Microsoft Expression Encoder support recording your live streaming to your local hard disk. Once your event has ended, you can upload your encoded files to our Content Delivery Network, via FTP or our online File Manager. In less than a few minutes you will be able to embed Flash or Windows Media streaming video on your website, and the viewers who want to catch the live action – again – will never stop thanking you.

Multi-Platform Streaming

Now more people than ever can watch that unforgettable event of yours – not only at home, but on the road as well. Our multi-platform streaming service allows you to easily reach iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other media-capable devices.

NetroMedia’s CDN has a fleet of Wowza Media servers optimized to deliver both live and on-demand streaming media to multiple devices. This functionality is directly linked to an online streaming portal – where channels can be managed and provisioned instantly online.

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multi-format streaming

Multi-Format Streaming

Multi-Format Streaming can help increase the online coverage of streaming video by catering to both late and early adopters. NetroMedia supports all major streaming formats including Flash, Windows Media and QuickTime.

In addition to streaming formats, NetroMedia supports a wide variety of high-quality compression standards including H.264 (with MP3 or AAC audio) and MPEG-4. HTML5 delivery is available as well, although this standard currently delivers via progressive download and not streaming.

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VSiCaster™ with Plug & Stream Technology ($1995)

VSiCaster is an end-to-end solution perfect for professional video broadcasters who want to broadcast unmatchable video content to numerous devices (Mobile, Set-top, PC, Mac etc) in seconds.

This revolutionary high-end streaming product requires no setup: All you need to do is plug your input device (camera, mixer, microphone etc.) – connect the VSiCaster box to your network or network card – and you’re broadcasting through NetroMedia’s Content Delivery Network. It’s as simple as that.

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netro portal management


NetroMedia’s streaming services are fully manageable through a secure online portal. Broadcasters have instant access to a friendly UI where they can easily manage and provision live and on-demand channels.

NetroPortal™ users can enable and disable services in real-time, as well as monitor the state of existing services through a straight-forward UI. Advanced reporting tools with over 130 different reports are available for each channel. NetroPortal™ can be accessed at any time using any device.

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Custom Media Players

Live event broadcasters can now plug their streaming video into embeddable Flash or SilverLight media players, featuring custom skins and branding, as well as cutting-edge interactive features.

NetroMedia ensures all video feeds delivered from its Content Delivery Network are truly “player-agnostic”, meaning they can be played in any web-based media player or web application. Custom media players can include hyper-specific branding, skinning and packaging.

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Mobile HD

High-Quality Delivery

Whether delivering Live or On-Demand video, NetroMedia supports high-compression HD (720p / 1080p) and SD transfer. Full bitrate control (540kbps – 4000kbps) allows broadcasters to easily modify output quality.

Advanced compression standards including H.264 and MPEG-4 are supported. IIS7 Smooth Streaming technology for full HD 1080p delivery is available upon request. Professional broadcasters can make use of fall-back mechanisms on different layers to deliver Adaptive Streaming.

Advanced Analytics

NetroMedia’s real-time reporting tools are designed to provide broadcasters with relevant information about their streaming — answer critical questions, track visitor trends and attract potential advertisers with raw facts.

Enterprise reporting levels offer over 300 individual reports on channels – covering past, present and predicted streaming stats and reports. NetroPortal™ includes instant access to an online reporting interface. This system is maintained and upgraded constantly to reflect industry changes.

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NetroMedia’s video advertising solutions allow ads to be integrated with streaming video in various ways. These include sponsorship clips and commercials served from NetroMedia’s CDN, as well as text and graphic ads.

Advertisements can be set to appear at a certain time during playback of the video, or before playback begins (Pre-Roll Ads). Whether you have only one ad clip, or multiple clips – they will all play seamlessly within the streamed content, resembling conventional broadcasting.


GeoControl is the perfect solution for online broadcasters who wish to manage their viewers’ access to videos based on geographic location. This includes blocking and allowing certain continents, regions, countries or even cities.

This service is particularly useful for broadcasting sporting or special events suitable for rights-only streaming, where access to the stream might be limited to an audience in a particular location only. NetroMedia’s GeoControl solution can also be implemented with archived On-Demand content.

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secure stream


Preventing theft of copyrighted on-demand videos, stopping hot-linking and blocking unauthorized access are common issues professional online broadcasters face all the time. SecureStream™ protects your videos.

NetroMedia offers broadcasters a simple yet highly effective secure streaming solution that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of most DRM solutions with the same level of security. Set-up is quick and installation on existing streaming channels is invisible to viewers.

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Support Levels

NetroMedia’s video streaming services are designed to be fully managed by broadcasters in a web-based environment. In addition, different cost-effective Support Levels ensure broadcasters have all the support they need.

An extensive online Knowledge Base and live chat assistance are included with all accounts and can be accessed through NetroPortal™. Broadcasters who require assistance from top-level technicians have access to three value-packed support levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum).

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