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November 13, 2009 5

Click for an Example
Click here to see the NetroMedia Webplayer in action!

Forget about linking directly to your "mms" or "http" streams – from now on, if you don’t have a website to embed your stream on – you can still give it its own home here at NetroMedia, your streaming provider. We present the new NetroMedia Webplayer – free to use with all accounts.

The NetroMedia Webplayer allows you to deliver your live streaming audio or video on a personalized webpage, hosted on our servers. You can link to this webpage from anywhere on the internet – pop it up from a website, attach it to an email or spread the word via social networks.

Why Use The NetroMedia Webplayer?

Free with all accounts!
Can be personalized to fit your specific needs.
Hosted on NetroMedia’s servers. Save website hosting fees!
No installation required, easy setup.
No website or embedding required – just link to our NetroMedia Webplayer.

Upgrading Your NetroMedia Webplayer

We can fully customize your NetroMedia Webplayer. Contact us to add:

Personalized styling / branding.
A chat system for your audience.
Banners and Text Advertisements.
Social Media Interaction Links.
And much more…

For more details contact us: Give us a call at 1.888.818.3846 or email us at

NetroMedia Webplayer Examples

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Click for an Example Click for an Example Click for an Example