NetroMedia to showcase Mobile solutions at Mobile World Congress 2011

January 18, 2011 4

NetroMedia has announced today that it will attend the Mobile World Congress, held between February 14 and 17 in Barcelona. The event, generally averaging close to 50,000 attendees, is the world’s largest mobile-specific exhibition.

On top of its existing mobile streaming solutions, NetroMedia will present improved live streaming services to mobile devices – including a new server-side bandwidth and protocol detection technology, allowing broadcasters to achieve true cross-platform streaming with minimal resources.

In addition, a new release of the Flash-based media player takes advantage of scripting-enabled devices to auto-detect the availability of live and on-demand videos and roll-over to a back-up stream or an advertisement in case of unforeseen interruptions. User-agent detection will produce an alternative stream for devices that do not support Flash, such as the iPhone and iPad.

NetroMedia has converted many of its enterprise clients to its Plug & Stream program, which includes a live webcasting unit, VSicaster, able to reach multiple Mobile and Desktop devices with H.264/AAC video without the need of configuring via an external interface.

"Attending the Mobile World Congress is a natural progression of our company strategy and part of our long-term vision," said Che Pinkerton, President and CEO of NetroMedia. "The mobile industry has grown to become spot-light worthy during a time of economic uncertainty, and we believe it will continue to blossom as businesses worldwide begin to identify how big the Mobile world will actual become."

"In a note that relates more specifically to NetroMedia," adds Mr. Pinkerton, "Roughly a decade ago, we set out to reach each and every spot on earth through our Content Delivery Network. Now, with clients in almost every corner of the world, we intend on helping our clients and industry even further by attending as many conferences as possible, in as many locations as possible. Geographic restraints should not stand in the away of accessibility."

In parallel with plans to attend the Mobile World Congress, the company has announced the creation of a new client services office in London, United Kingdom – to serve as a central hub for sales, client services and technical support benefiting clients in the region.

About Mobile World Congress 2011

The Mobile World Congress is the mobile industry’s "must attend" event with more than 49,000 visitors in 2010. An integral part of Congress, the conference agenda will feature speakers representing the leaders of the world’s most innovative companies, both from within our industry and from the growing number of adjacent market sectors joining our expanding mobile ecosystem. In 2011, the conference agenda will showcase dynamic speakers from a broad range of companies, and will feature in-depth sessions covering the industry’s key growth areas.

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About NetroMedia

NetroMedia is a leading global provider of comprehensive Internet streaming media serving the business-to-business market in more than seventy countries. Products include streaming solutions to terrestrial and Internet broadcasters, On Demand programming, along with mobile streaming and online media asset management.

NetroMedia designs, delivers and optimizes modern, profitable customer experiences for leading global companies. Inspired by deep insights into today’s empowered customers and the untapped energy of interactive technology, NetroMedia helps clients achieve a balance between client aspirations and bottom-line performance.

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