NetroMedia to Power Streaming of Massive Annual Christian Gathering

December 8, 2009 5

NetroMedia, global CDN and streaming provider, is pleased to announce today that it will stream Shiloh 2009 – a large-scaled annual Christian gathering held by Winner’s Chapel (also known as Living Faith Church), in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The Shiloh event attracts millions of believers from around the world, as well as Nigeria itself, who will assemble in and around Faith Tabernacle Chapel, the worlds’ largest church with a sitting capacity of 50,000 people.

Full coverage of all 5 days of the event will be available online through NetroMedia’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), optimized to handle the large volume of projected simultaneous viewers and deliver a fail-safe video broadcast.

“We are excited to be able to support Winners’ Chapel with this extraordinary event,” said Jason Potter, NetroMedia Director of Client Services.

“As our long time client, we have streamed many Live Streaming and On-Demand Streaming events for the ministry, and this event allows us to expand their service to accommodate a very large audience and demonstrate our sizable streaming capacity.”

About Winners’ Chapel

Winners’ Chapel (also known as Living Faith Church) was founded by Bishop David Oyedepo on May 2, 1981. The international headquarters are situated in a 20 square kilometre church complex in Ota, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria.

Winners’ Chapel has branches in over 50 countries all over the world and more than 400 local branches in Nigeria. The church also runs a chain of educational institutions in Nigeria. Every December, Winners’ Chapel holds its annual gathering, called Shiloh, in Faith Tabernacle, the world’s largest church.

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About NetroMedia

NetroMedia is a leading global streaming provider and Content Delivery Network (CDN) serving the business-to-business market in more than seventy countries. Products include streaming solutions to terrestrial and Internet broadcasters, rich-media and on-demand streaming, along with proprietary web-enabled online media asset management software.

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Winners’ Chapel Contact

David Oyedepo Ministries
Km. 10, Idiroko Road, Ota
Ogun State, Nigeria

P: 234-1-7747546-8

NetroMedia Contact

Jim Piper
Director of Global Online
Victoria, BC

P: 1.888.818.3846 Ext 705