NetroMedia launches into (BETA)

December 12, 2013 12

NetroMedia is pleased to anounce thet is ready for a public BETA test.

How does it work? is an easy to use streaming media utility for broadcasters and viewers alike. Broadcasters use it to simulate and measure their audience’s streaming experience from around the globe. Viewers can use it to troubleshoot problems with their favorite streaming video. was created by the same folks that run, a global CDN. Using the latest cloud scaling technologies along with over a decade of streaming media experience is the perfect stream testing tool.

  • Step 1.Copy and Paste the URL into test bar on the home page
  • Step 2.Select the simulated users you want to test your stream (over 5 users and you must upgrade to paid account)
  • Step 3.Launch the test!
  • (larger tests require paid accounts)

What does it do?

It creates simulated users that connect to actual streams and measure the quality and provide a lot of feedback.

Who is it for?

Broadcasters and viewers (audience members). Anyone with an audio or video player on their website. Anyone that uses an audio or video player to stream media.

What does it solve?

Is it me or them? Is it my bandwidth connection or theirs? helps broadcasters and viewers alike understand the conditions of their streaming experience. Good or Bad. reports in transparent fashion the common streaming problems experienced by both broadcaster and audience.

  • Do I have the