NetroMedia Appoints New Middle-East Manager

October 21, 2009 6

Che Pinkerton, President and CEO of NetroMedia is pleased to announce today that NetroMedia has appointed Taher Altayeb as the company’s new Middle-East Manager.

Mr. Taher Altayeb will join the Canadian Headquartered Content Delivery Network (CDN) and global streaming provider to enhance NetroMedia’s interactive streaming support for the region.

"I am excited about the opportunities that await us in the Middle-Eastern region", said Mr. Altayeb. "The demand for delivery of Live and Archived rich-media over multiple platforms has increased steadily all over the world, as well as in the Middle East.”

Mr. Altayeb further commented that “It is eminent for NetroMedia’s development to accommodate the increase in demand by providing Arabic speaking countries with complete regional customer and technical support, in their native language. The upward trend calls for it."

"Having Mr. Altayeb join our team at this stage is a natural step for NetroMedia considering the rapid growth of our Middle-Eastern activity in the past few months", said Mr. Pinkerton. "It also fits our overall vision and long-term goals of offering our Middle Eastern client-base the highest quality technical and customer service. I am confident that Mr. Altayeb will exceed our expectations and prove to be a valuable asset for NetroMedia’s continued expansion in the region."

“Consumers in this region are skipping traditional media and taking personal control of their purchasing decisions through Web 2.0 media verticals”, said Jim Piper, NetroMedia’s Director of Global Online. “These behavioural changes will continue to strengthen as market segmentation and customer engagement programs intensify in the online world.”

About NetroMedia

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NetroMedia is a leading global provider of comprehensive Internet technology serving the business-to-business market in more than seventy countries. Products include streaming solutions to terrestrial and Internet broadcasters, rich-media interactive and On-Demand archived programming, along with mobile and online broadcast platforms.

Media Contact:

Jim Piper
Director of Global Online
Victoria, BC

P: 1.888.818.3846 Ext 705

Middle-East Contact:

Taher Altayeb
Middle-East Manager
Victoria, BC

P: 1.888.818.3846 Ext 711

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