NetroMedia announces agreement with Shop Latino TV.

October 20, 2008 4

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Victoria, BC Canada – October 20, 2008 – Che Pinkerton, President and CEO of NetroMedia is pleased to announce today that NetroMedia has signed the second phase of an IPTV broadcasting agreement with the Shop Latino Television Network.
This partnership will enable Shop Latino’s interactive division access to a business model that generated over $7 billion in sales last year for its main competitors, QVC and the Home Shopping Network.
Shop Latino Television Network (SLTV), is the only Spanish-language online shopping channel primarily focusing on the Latino communities in the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico. 

“Our client’s strategic e-business goals are ultimately about exploring innovative avenues to reinforce consumer loyalty,” said Jim Piper, NetroMedia Director of Global Online. “In an increasingly competitive marketplace, a successful campaign must be focused towards online delivery where the primary audience has embraced the digital-lifestyle. By leveraging these evolving shifts in consumer behavior, Shop Latino TV is well positioned to cost-effectively deliver these emerging interactive platforms.”
In this specific solution, Latin America-based Grupo Innova along with the U.S-based Home Shopping Hispano teamed up to launch the channel, which will be headquartered in and broadcast from Miami, Florida. Shop Latino TV takes care of the content creation from their production studios while NetroMedia handles the implementation of the Internet streaming gateway with the IPTV software.
Once specific program content has been encoded, the media is integrated into NetroMedia’s acquisition servers and distribution networks which broadcast the streamed content globally to potential broadband, mobile and wireless devices.

”NetroMedia has invested significant resources into the research and development of Internet Protocol streaming (IPTV) that would meet the demands of clients in the entertainment, e-business and broadcast industries,” said Che Pinkerton. “We are excited that Shop Latino Networks has chosen NetroMedia to power their interactive broadcasts as they move forward to solidify their market dominance in the lucrative Latino marketplace”

About SLTV

Shop Latino Network is the only Spanish-language television shopping service catering to the U.S. Hispanic audience. Shop Latino TV offers a distinctive style and approach to the television shopping industry. In addition to bringing high quality products to its Hispanic and bi-lingual audience, the company will be hallmarked by its unique program of community involvement and civic support for its customer base. Shop Latino Network is a joint venture between DRTV sales veterans Grupo Innova from Mexico, and Home Shopping Hispano.

Three client fulfillment centers are strategically located in Miami, Los Angeles, and Puerto Rico, guaranteeing prompt delivery to customers while over 350 bi-lingual operator stations in Mexico and Miami provide quick and courteous response in both Spanish and English.

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Jim Piper
Director, Global Online  
Victoria, British Colombia


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