NetroMedia announces agreement with Alliance Films

January 9, 2009 4

Che Pinkerton, President and CEO of NetroMedia is pleased to announce today that Alliance Films have released their new interactive Flash web portals powered by NetroMedia. This partnership will enable Alliance Films to market motion picture releases through interactive Flash broadband media – a Canadian and UK industry first.

"NetroMedia is proud to have been chosen to provide Flash interactive streaming to Alliance Films through our global broadcast network," said Mr. Pinkerton.

”The tactical goal of this project was to incorporate brand and client engagement programs throughout the entire customer experience pathway of the web portal,” said Jim Piper, NetroMedia’s Global Online Director. “Our mandate was to support the various external brand agencies and communication contractors to define, plan and execute interactive Flash content that would enhance the objectives of Alliance Films.”

In this specific solution, Alliance Films takes care of the content creation while NetroMedia handles the implementation of the Internet Flash streaming gateway. Once the various movie clips have been encoded, the media is handed off to NetroMedia’s servers which broadcast the streamed content through their global matrix.

"The project objective is no longer limited to touchpoint optimization. Instead it’s about emotional interactions that fill gaps between what customers want and the current status quo,” said Mr. Piper. “Brand monetization is a key component of this media strategy and will enhance Alliance Films capacity to differentiate content through emerging platforms including the web, mobile, streaming video, social media and online viral communities."

"The opportunity to work with a Canadian partner on this global project is very exciting," said Joe Deagnon, Alliance Films Director of Web Services. "The quality of the NetroMedia platform along with Jim and his team’s commitment to client-centered business practices ensures that this will be the first of many new initiatives together."

For more information, visit the portal: Alliance Films

About Alliance Films

Alliance Films acquires and distributes movies in Canada, the United Kingdom through Momentum Pictures and in Spain through Arum Producciones. This combined distribution accounts for over 15% of the global box office. These motion pictures are released theatrically, distributed through video and DVD sales and licensed to television broadcasters.

Alliance Films is the exclusive distributor for New Line, Miramax, The Weinstein Company and Focus Features in Canada, where it is the largest single film distributor. In the UK, Momentum Pictures continues to be a growing niche player in the British motion picture distribution market.

About NetroMedia

NetroMedia is a leading global provider of comprehensive Internet streaming media serving the business-to-business market in more than seventy countries. Products include streaming solutions to terrestrial and Internet broadcasters, rich-media and on-demand streaming, along with proprietary web-enabled online media asset management software.

We design, deliver and optimize modern, profitable customer experiences for leading global companies. Inspired by deep insights into today’s empowered customers and the untapped power of interactive technology, our work helps clients achieve a balance between customer aspirations and bottom-line performance.

NetroMedia Contact:

Jim Piper
Director, Global Online
Victoria, BC