iPad Support Officially Added to Select Streaming Programs

June 16, 2010 2

NetroMedia is proud to announce the addition of Apple iPad Streaming to the Professional and Enterprise Streaming programs. NetroMedia’s broadcasters will now be able to reach this innovate device using an encoding profile that will also serve the iPhone, PC and Mac.

How to Stream to the iPad?

Released in April 2010, the iPad is Apple’s latest addition to the Tablet PC market stunning the industry with over 1 Million sales in its first month. It was designed mainly for internet surfing and media consumption. NetroMedia broadcasters can now easily reach this device on both 3G or WiFi networks!

Streaming to the iPad (Apple iOS) is done using H.264 video compression (the iPad supports up to 720p, 30 frames per second) with AAC (Main Profile level 3.1) audio. NetroMedia uses packetizing technology to prepare the RTSP/RTP stream for iPad viewing.

Broadcasting with AAC audio compression requires commercial encoding software such as Telestream WireCast or adding the MainConcept AAC plugin to the free Flash Media Encoder.

Moving Forward

Streaming Live and On-Demand to the iPad can be done using the Professional or Enterprise program. The iPad streaming feature can also be added to a Basic or Premium program upon request.

Additional Features Available with these Programs

  • Broadcasters can provision and manage channels with different streaming profiles online.
  • Multi-format streaming under one account (Flash, MP4/M4V, Windows Media, QuickTime etc.)
  • On-Demand and Live Streaming to Multiple Devices (Mobile, PC, Mac, iPad etc.)
  • Pooled bandwidth across multiple channels.
  • 24/7 Reporting and analytics access, including real-time reporting.
  • Embeddable media players for website. Easy integration.

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