Chum Media and NetroMedia announce streaming agreement

November 30, 2004 3

Che Pinkerton, President and CEO of NetroMedia is pleased to announce an agreement with the Chum Media Group.

"I am very excited about this opportunity to work with Chum Media and support their interactive broadcast needs," said Mr. Pinkerton.

"By leveraging the evolving digital shifts in consumer behavior, our project team has created a branding program that differentiates unique Chum Media assets,” said Jim Piper, Director of Global Online at NetroMedia. "The Chum brand will continue to strengthen as market segmentation and customer engagement programs intensify in the online world. Not only has the act of discovery changed, but the ways in which music fans engage with content has evolved."

In this specific solution, Chum Media’s Kool 107 station wanted to provide a live Windows audio feed streamed in real-time to their Internet audience. With this in mind, they came to NetroMedia.

Once specific Chum content is encoded, the live radio feed is integrated into NetroMedia’s acquisition servers and distribution networks, which broadcasts the streamed content to broadband, mobile and wireless devices. "NetroMedia is adept at bridging ICT performance gaps to complete business interests and convey complex online product development concepts," said Matthew Carson, NetroMedia’s Director of Technology.

"Our project will demand a resourceful team that is capable of implementing a scalable gateway to achieve our online goals," said Bud Goes, Broadcast Engineering Manager for Chum Media’s Kool 107 FM brand. "We look forward to working with NetroMedia on this assignment."

About Chum Media

The CHUM Media Radio Division operates 34 stations throughout Canada, including KOOL FM.

CTVglobemedia Inc. is Canada’s premier multimedia company with ownership of the Chum Media Radio
Group, CTV Television and The Globe and Mail.

CTV Inc. owns and operates 27 conventional TV stations across the country, with interests in 32
specialty channels, including Canada’s #1 specialty channel, TSN.

About NetroMedia

NetroMedia is a leading global provider of comprehensive Internet streaming media serving the B2B
market in more than seventy countries.

Products include Windows, QuickTime and Flash streaming solutions to terrestrial and Internet
broadcasters, along with mobile and online media asset management.

NetroMedia Contact

Jim Piper
Director, Global Online
Victoria, British Columbia