NAB Show 2011

April 9-14, 2011: Las Vegas, Nevada nab show las vegas

NAB Show 2011

Over 90,000 media and entertainment professionals attend NAB each year, representing over $35 billion in purchasing power. This April 2011, NetroMedia was there…


The NAB Show is the world’s largest electronic media show – hosting thousands of media and entertainment professionals from over 150 countries. It is produced by the National Association of Broadcasters, and held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yet Another Amazing Trade Show Experience . . .

For the second year in a row, we have exhibited at the NAB Show, in the South Upper Hall, booth SU10202. We were highly successful in showcasing some of our unique services and products, talking about future developments and meeting with prospects and clients to discuss their individual requirements.

At the Show


The Broadband Pit

In addition to the exhibition area, NAB also held a Broadband Pit, designed for creators and distributors to be able to discuss the latest in the industry. The Pit held informative interviews and interactive panels and speakers, allowing for various perspectives and insights about streaming, and it was right outside the NetroMedia booth… Hot and pertinent issues:

  • Security – Everyone’s concern
  • Advertising – Important and ever-changing
  • Reaching Multiple Devices – NetroMedia’s specialty!

Cloud Conference

Cloud Computing is essentially a mini-internet used by private networks – a pooling of resources for applications, email and databases so that end users store nothing on their computers. Sharing also reduces the cost for the end user. The Cloud Conference was a cross-section on related applications and was beneficial to us as it was a chance:

  • To look at the challenges faced by others in the industry, such as content creators and producers – by learning what they struggle with we are able to consider how we can better serve them
  • To learn about and discuss hot issues, such as advertising and the monetization of content
  • For general education on legal issues relating to cloud (such as copyright conflicts) and new software and services

Networking Nights

The connections that we made and the people we met are a huge highlight of the NAB show. This included a night specific to Canadian business where we made a lot of national links. To name a few, NetroMedia formed partnerships concerning the following topics:

  • Advertising Solutions – New inspiration
  • Close Captioning – Expanding accessibility!
  • Encoding Techniques – Helping us increase quality
  • New Hardware – Will make life easier for encoding
  • Met Global Vendors – This compliments our global client base and global staff