ABC TV and NetroMedia reach streaming agreement

April 6, 2009 4

Che Pinkerton, President and CEO of NetroMedia is pleased to announce that ABC Television affiliate KATV Channel 7 has partnered with NetroMedia to deliver real-time ipTV news reports to their audience.

"The ability to promote awareness and define a brand’s reputation is ultimately accomplished through online viral communities," said Jim Piper, Director of Global Online at NetroMedia. "The goal is to pull potential viewers across strategic touchpoints through relevant and engaging new media experiences. By challenging this inbound marketing paradigm, the project was able to connect with consumers for a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcasting.”

In this specific solution, KATV wanted to provide live news feeds streamed in real-time to their Internet audience. With this in mind, they came to NetroMedia. Once KATV news content has been encoded, the live media feed is integrated into NetroMedia’s acquisition servers and distribution network which broadcasts the streamed content to broadband, mobile and wireless devices.

"I am very excited about this opportunity to work with another ABC affiliate TV station and support their mobile news broadcast needs,” said Mr. Pinkerton. “This solution is a unique combination of wireless services integrated with our ipTV streaming platform."

“NetroMedia is adept at bridging ICT performance gaps to complete business interests, develop process improvement initiatives and convey complex product development concepts,” said Jason Potter, NetroMedia’s Director of Client Services. “The KATV team required an aggressive information technology solutions vendor with a passion for surpassing service objectives.”

“Our project demanded a resourceful team that was capable of implementing a scalable gateway to achieve our business development and technology management goals,” said Allen Finne, Director of Engineering for KATV. “We look forward to working with NetroMedia on this challenging assignment.”

About KATV Channel 7

KATV Channel 7 is an ABC affiliated television station serving the television market in central Arkansas.

KATV is owned by Allbritton Communications Company. Other Allbritton ABC Television affiliates include markets in Birmingham, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina. WJLA is the flagship station of Allbritton in Washington, DC along with Allbritton’s DC-based 24 Hour cable news station NC8.
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About NetroMedia

NetroMedia is a leading global provider of comprehensive Internet streaming media solutions serving the business-to-business market in more than seventy countries.

Products include streaming solutions to terrestrial and Internet broadcasters, rich-media and On Demand archived programming, along with web-enabled reporting, mobile and online media asset management.
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