Stream To Multiple Devices

Expand your reach by streaming to iPad, iPhone and iPod. With NetroMedia’s video solutions, you can stream to any device, including these Apple devices, as well as other tablets, set-top boxes, PCs, and mobile phones, all at once.

mobile devices

Expand Your Reach

With NetroMedia’s mobile streaming services, you don’t need to make the tough choice between streaming to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android or BlackBerry. You can easily stream to all of these devices at once!

Thanks, in part, to our system of Wowza Media Servers, NetroMedia customers stream to iPhone, iPad or iPod with a single H.264/AAC stream at the same time as other mobile devices.

Mobile Streaming Examples

Streaming to iPhone, iPad and iPod Made Easy

The Hard Way to Stream to Mobile
  • Develop app for iPhone
  • Develop app for iPad
  • Develop app for iPod
The Easy Way to Stream to Mobile

Stream to all devices at once with NetroMedia, (including Apple, BlackBerry and Android devices)

Streaming to iPhone, iPad and iPod with NetroMedia does not require any apps – you don’t need to develop even one in order to deliver your stream! And your viewers do not need to download any apps to watch your content!

  • Eliminate app development time
  • Reduce infrastructure costs because you only broadcast one stream
  • Launch your streaming project in no time

Still want to develop apps? No problem. NetroMedia services will integrate seamlessly.

Stream Efficiently

Why get bogged down? With NetroMedia, you can stream to any device with a single stream, which means less infrastructure is necessary. Read what is required to stream to iPod, iPad and iPhone.

stream to any device

unlimited audience

Unlimited Audience

Whether iPhone, iPod or iPad are on top or not, you don’t have to be concerned about who is winning the device war. Your audience is unlimited.

High Quality Streaming

With crystal clear encoding, 30 fps (frames per second) and a beautiful high-resolution display, your high quality streaming video will look amazing on the iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Mobile HD

custom player options

Player Options

At NetroMedia, we have custom players designed to optimize the display of your stream, whether your audience is accessing your content using an iPad, an iPod, set-top box, PC, Mac or mobile phone (iPhone, Android and BlackBerry). Our players can be customized to reflect your brand, support playlists, stream live and/or on-demand content, support multiple formats, are compatible across browsers, enable social sharing and much more! Learn more about our custom Flash players.

Advanced Analytics

Over 300 reports make it easy to stay on top of your viewer trends by determining who is tuning in, when, where and for how long. NetroMedia’s user-friendly, industry-leading advanced analytics include tracking of the past, present and future, specific dates, peak connection times, total connections, viewer hours, and much more. You can also monitor your bandwidth usage to ensure you aren’t paying too much for your audience base.

advanced analytics