Clients worldwide rely on NetroMedia for secure, accessible, high quality live and on demand mobile streaming to all mobile platforms, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. These examples use the NetroPlayer Premium, which allows broadcasters to maintain a single ‘look’ for your viewers whether they are using their PC or their smartphone in an easy to use and cost- effective manner.

More Examples

Live Example

Streaming specifications:

NetroMedia’s live mobile streaming service allows broadcasters to deliver 24/7 real-time streaming media to iPhones, BlackBerries, Android devices and more.

Streams can be generated using a variety of software or hardware encoders, and need to be delivered using the h.264 / AAC codecs to be fully compatable with all devices.

On-Demand Example

Streaming specifications:

Easily upload, manage and deliver on-demand streaming video to various mobile devices. Your videos are uploaded through NetroPortalâ„¢ or using any FTP client to batch-upload files.

Videos are stored on a secure network and become available immediately after the upload has been completed. They can be embedded online with any media player, including extendable flash players such as the open-source FlowPlayer and JWPlayer. Viewers enjoy complete playback control.