Technology Advantage Number 1: NetroMedia Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The NetroMedia Content Delivery Network (CDN), unique for the fail-safe Streaming Matrix architecture it utilizes, is the backbone of our services.

Our pioneering development of the Streaming Matrix has established us as an industry-leader, and allows us to deliver large amounts of data with no interruption, while maintaining a stable high quality broadcast regardless of audience size.

The NetroMedia Streaming Matrix technology, the core of our unique Content Delivery Network (CDN), can handle intense internet traffic on a global level, by designing a network comprised of 20 global optimized distribution and acquisition servers.

The combination of Private Peering Tier 1 backbone network and our Streaming Matrix technology means constant and consistent streaming, available to everyone, everywhere, all the time. It is guaranteed.

Content Delivery Network CDN
Technology Advantage Number 2: Advanced DNS and Dual/Geo-Separated Load Balancers

In essence, the Streaming Matrix is comprised of two layers: The first layer features a Global DNS system which manages and routes traffic through the BgP4 protocol before it reaches the streaming servers. The Global DNS is able to detect and react on network conditions and hardware failures.

The second layer of the Streaming Matrix is the distribution servers, placed in key locations in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. NetroMedia has partnered with leading communications suppliers to distribute bandwidth through global trunk lines. These partners include AT&T, Bell, Shaw, Deutsche Telekom, Internap, Level 3 and more.

This model ensures that your audio and video content reaches your audience through the fastest route possible – not the most convenient, cheapest or easiest.

Technology Advantage Number 3: Integrated Complimentary Technologies & Components

Synchronous-When-Optimal (SWO) Traffic Management: NetroMedia’s load balancing intelligently distributes bandwidth requirements based on real-time data, internet conditions and file size. SWO traffic management streams your media content around congested public and private exchange points on the internet to avoid stream latency, packet losses and excessive buffering.

Advanced Storage Technology: At the heart of our streaming operations is a multi-terabyte, scalable, Storage Area Network (SAN) incorporating FiberChannel technology that maximizes data transfer speeds while preserving integrity of your data with RAID 5 security.

BufferBlaster: “Speed Load” your stream and reduce buffering time. If, for example, you have a 1 minute video encoded at 300kbps that a user on a corporate network wishes to watch, instead of sending him 300kbps during the buffering stage, NetroMedia’s BufferBlaster will take full advantage of the end-user’s available bandwidth and stream the clip at 600kbps, resulting in a faster loading stream, and a satisfied end-user.

Port 80 Streaming: Bypass corporate networks and firewalls by streaming through port 80. If your end users can access your website, they will be also able to access your stream.