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Customizable Flash Player Options

When you choose NetroMedia's Orca and Shark custom flash players, we make the player to your order. We will match your player to your brand or website by designing it precisely the way you want it.

Discover your customization options

Almost every aspect of the player can be customized. Is there something you want customized that you don’t see here? Let us know – we can likely make it happen. Your player is limited only by your imagination!

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Achieve built-in advertising and brand recognition.
  • Mouseover: Your logo will display when a cursor is moved over top of the player.
  • Floating: Enables your logo to be visible throughout.

Forced First Video

If you want your first video viewed, without fail, this is your option. It cannot be paused and the control bar is hidden. The second video is played normally – pausing is enabled and the control bar is visible.

Scrolling Playlist

Keep your content organized and allow your audience to see what’s coming up next. You have the option of a vertical or horizontal scrolling playlist complete with text for the title and/or description of the video and the running time.

Control Bar

Impress viewers with a wholly customized look.
  • Skinning: Choose the colour or look of the control bar. Determine the control bar’s accessibility and give it personality.
  • Custom text: Design custom control bar tool-tips visible when your mouse is moved over top.
  • Background image: One of the most distinctive ways of personalizing the player involves choosing a background image for the control bar. This is a great defence against a dull look before your content begins.

Social Media Integration

Use social media to popularize your content. Players can be equipped with Facebook "like" and Twitter share buttons and we can place them where ever you like!
Email Tabs: Viewers will be able to share your video via email with tabs right beside the player, attached to its frame.
Email Overlay: The option to share the video via email can also come up right over the video. Choose a location for the email button and when clicked, an email box will rise over the player.

Container Background

This feature allows you unlimited possibilities. You can pick an image to house your video. Your viewers would simply click the video within the image to start the video playing! You can also determine the position of the screen, the control bar and every other plug-in.

Rounded corners

Create a whole other look by choosing subtle rounding in the edges of the player canvas.

Splash Image

Replace the typical black screen with an image of your choice to create a look that reinforces your brand and complements your content.

Custom Full Screen Effects

This simple effect creates a very professional look. In full screen mode, your video will jump out of the page and darken the border where the rest of the page would otherwise show.